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Wedding Ideas for Music Lovers

Are you getting married soon? If so, have you decided on a theme for your wedding? Themed weddings seem to be the norm nowadays. It wasn’t too long ago that the gimmickry of themed weddings could only be found in places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the kind of stuff that might feature Elvis in place of the minister. But now, a lot of weddings have some kind of theme—and that’s okay! Themed weddings can be fun for everyone involved, and it definitely breaks up the monotony of your guests who happen to attend a lot of weddings. Today, we put together a list of wedding ideas for the music lovers out there. Here are a few wedding ideas for music lovers of all kinds.

His & Her Song Lyrics

When exchanging vows, why not forgo the traditional (sometimes boring) vows, and instead, use song lyrics. Do something cute. Maybe pick a line for the groom to say and another for the bride.

Him: “I will walk 500 miles…”

Her: “…and I will walk 500 more.”

Replace the Bouquets with Instruments

How about instead of carry a bouquet, each bridesmaid will have an instrument to hold. Something small like a tambourine or violin, something romantic. Imagine how cool that group photograph will be!

Book a Concert Hall Venue

concert hall venue

Book your wedding at a concert hall venue for the ultimate musician feel. Imagine both of your names in lights right on the marquee. For one day only. Your superstardom debut just happens to be the same day as your wedding!

Hire a Marching Band for the Ceremony

For the wedding ceremony, consider hiring a marching band to play the traditional music. Instead of that old-fashioned quartet of violins, look to add a pep in everyone’s step by getting a marching band to play the traditional hymn. A marching band would definitely get people pumped for when you exchange your vows.

Sheet Music Cufflinks

This is such a small addition to the list, but we like it just the same. Look into getting vintage sheet music cufflink for your groom and his groomsmen, just for that added touch of accessory for music lovers.

Music-Themed Invitations

music themed invitations

There are many cool ways to make your invitations music-themed. You can make your invitations look like concert tickets with “ADMIT ONE” printed on them. Send however many you’d like to people in each party you invite. Or—for added entertainment—have them RSVP by suggesting a song that they promise to dance to at the reception.

Perform at Your Own Wedding!

Showcase your musical talent at your own wedding by putting on a show for your guests at the reception. If you’re a talented musician or singer, why not put on a show of your own at your wedding reception. It could be a great chance to put those high school music lessons to good use. Even if you’re not such a great singer, it’s always a sweet (and an appreciative gesture) for the groom to serenade his bride with some classic Frank Sinatra on their wedding day. The guest—and especially your bride—will appreciate it! How’s that for wedding ideas?